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am Cleaning - The Perfect Solution

Uniquely placed to tackle even the most demanding job, steam cleaning is the future of environmentally
friendly cleaning systems. Using no chemicals the harmless vapour blast away a host of problems.
We only use high power, allergy approved machinery which combats problems in the following areas:

Bathrooms and Toilets Domestic Kitchens Allergen removal
Surface contact with steam kills Steam gets where you can’t Carpets, floors and mattresses
germs, removes dirt, soap deposits dislodging the hidden dirt and can harbour mould spores,
and organic waste from a wide removing the obvious signs of eggs, larvae and adult pests
variety of surfaces. Leaving you daily use. From walls to floors it such as dust mites and fleas.
with total sanitation. does it all. Steam kills them all - instantly!

Grills and barbecues Domestic ovens Floors and walls.
Even the lightest use can deposit No more scraping and gouging, From floor to ceiling steam has
carbon and soot from cooked no harsh chemicals, no odour, the versatility to cleanse and
food and burnt grease. Steam rips no harmful vapours. Just great sterilise every hard surface.
through years of grime results.

Windows and conservatories Commercial kitchens Surgeries (Dental-Veterinary)
Steam can cut through dust You’ll be amazed at the results of Complete sterilisation of all
and dirt with ease and removes our high powered commercial surfaces and working areas with
nicotine stains and greasy deposits steam cleaners. We have invested the minimum of fuss and no
from glass and PVC easily. thousands to save you time harm to patients or animals
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